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Oil Control Systems

If you work a lot with hazardous substances, safety is essential. Not only when working with hazardous substances, but also when transporting them. At Oil Control Systems you will find everything from drip trays to spill kits. This way you are always prepared for a leak and you can be sure that all your chemical products are safely stored. We have been active for more than 20 years and have a wide range of high-quality products. You will find the solution for liquid leakage and storage at Oil Control Systems!

Environmental pollution

It is becoming increasingly important to work in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. When you work with chemical substances, this can sometimes be difficult. For example, a lot of environmental pollution can arise from leakages of hazardous substances such as oil. To prevent this type of damage from escalating, you can use absorbent material to quickly counteract the leakage. By also ensuring good storage such as an environmental container, you can reduce the risk of environmental pollution from your products.

Absorbent material
Sometimes you can't prevent fluid contamination from happening. Absorbent material for chemicals and other environmentally hazardous liquids is a good option to clean it up as well as possible. With us you will find different types of absorption material:

Absorbent cloths
oil sausage
Absorption rollers
Drum toppers
Absorption cushions
Absorption granules
Absorption hoses

In addition, we also offer various spill kits. With a spill kit you are immediately prepared for a spill of oil, chemicals or unknown liquids. This kit is equipped with different types of absorption materials, so that you can intervene quickly in the event of a leak. At Oil Control Systems you will find spill kits that are suitable for both land and water.

Storage and handling
Not only leakages, but also accidents during transport can cause environmental pollution. You will find a wide range of storage and handling products with us. You will find with us, among other things:

Leak containment systems
drip trays
Mobile shelter
barrel transport
Barrel Accessories
safety jugs
emergency showers

Do you often work with flammable substances? Then it is important to store the substances in a fire-resistant safety cabinet or container. This prevents major damage and creates more safety at your workplace. Good storage and handling products are essential for a safe working environment.

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